Warm words of client feedback

TRE Feedback

“Thank you so much for Monday, it was very successful and I felt calm and controlled. Thank you again Jo, you are a very talented teacher and I know your TRE will be enormously successful.”

“Thank you so much for leading the workshop with such compassionate warmth and clarity….I feel as though I may have stumbled across something that I’ve been searching for for a very, very long time and yet less than a week ago I’d never heard of it. So much of what you talked about reflected my experiences. Just the feeling that finally (!)  I may have a framework to understand and to help others to understand my experiences makes this the best £35 I’ve ever spent and I’ve spent thousands over the years on my quest to ‘heal’. “

“Your class was soft warm and cosy”

“I enjoyed my first TRE last week: after living in my head for 4 decades, I feel this is the way forward.”

“Thanks so much for introducing me to TRE, I’ve done it quite a lot on my own and I really do feel it’s making a difference to my stress levels”

“Thanks for a lovely session yesterday. You are a really good teacher so clear and gentle.”

“With Jo’s gentle and reassuring clear guidance a TRE session allows my body to self-express in a series of sometimes minimal, and sometimes wild and weird movements -using its own intelligence to unwind both recent and deeper seated trauma.”

“Jo has bought an amazing useful tool into my life which enables me to be more in control when I notice any emotional issues creeping in. I am so grateful to have experienced classes with her. I feel everyone should be taught TRE  for their own health and well being.”

“Thank you again for all you have done for me over the years. It is so appreciated and I am so glad to know you and have the chance to practice TRE with your guidance.”

“What a wonderful experience that was this morning! Thank you so much
for taking the trouble and the time to contact us and put the online
TRE together. I loved it, and I feel great now. I was curious how it
would work on zoom, but it was really effective, and I felt completely
connected with you all.”

“Thank you for the session. Since then I have felt as if I have an inner coating of armour plating! I was supposed to have a protective covering from practicing the Sound Healing – but nothing like this. It makes me feel really strong and focussed on what I need to do in order to have a happy life. Many thanks for that. “

“Thank you for the session yesterday and for making me feel so safe and understood, it was really nice to be met with that as it doesn’t often happen for me.”

“Dear Jo, Thank you so much for my Skype TRE session. Over the last month I have been able to continue with the exercises as you suggested and I am pleased to say that for the first time in many years I am noticing a steady decrease in low back pain with increased flexibility and movement overall. I would highly recommend TRE with Jo to anyone who has tried everything for chronic low back pain before, this is different! With my best wishes, Steph x”

“I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for *Gena. We have seen such a change in her. Our son, was with us for a couple of days this week, and his comment to me was “Gena is back!”. They stayed up nattering long after we had gone to bed. I can’t remember the last time she was happy chatting with him at all.
If you could hear how highly she speaks of you, I think you might just float a little bit. Her psychiatrist and psychotherapist are over the moon with her progress.”
*name changed

“It’s been a while but I never did thank you for what you have done for me with the TRE sessions. Compared to when I first met you I now feel like a new person and walk with my head held high.
I have returned to work locally with renewed vigour thanks to those sessions. My new job allows me the opportunity to walk at lunch time about 2 miles to stretch out the psoas and other muscles and make sitting a lot more tolerable for the second half of my work day.
I am keeping up with the exercises regularly and find them very beneficial particularly to shed the work stress of the week out in preparation for a nice relax on the weekend.
I would still be a bent over stressed out mess if I solely relied on the NHS my appointment came through two weeks ago that I cancelled and they asked why . I told the therapist who raised an eyebrow when I told her of TRE and the theory behind it.
In conclusion of my conversation with her I said the ‘proof is in the pudding’ wouldn’t you agree and she did agree to my surprise.

Any way Jo it was lovely to meet you, you are a lovely person and thank you again.”

“After reaching a diagnosis of Complex post-traumatic stress disorder, resulting from narcissistic abuse, I had been curious about the benefits of TRE and decided to see Jo for a couple of sessions. I felt very much calmer after the trauma release exercises, and have seen a noticeable reduction in hyper vigilance, and anxiety, with regular practice. Jo is a very warm, and empathetic person, and I would definitely recommend TRE.”

“I came across the day through an internet search in response to  an increasing attraction to yoga nidra as a practice. I’d also seen TRE on the net before- videos of people releasing tension resonated strongly with my own experience of spontaneous release over a number of years through chi gung, craniosacral therapy and meditation but I’d not tried TRE myself.I appreciated the combination of yoga nidra and TRE. You both created a sense of a safely held space and an open invitation to let the body unfold by following it’s own wisdom.  I had full confidence in you both to hold whatever was revealed and was surprised at how effective TRE was in initiating a sequence of releasing waves that at times were very active in the body while my mind seemed mostly quiet and curious.”This kind of release can seem alarming to an observer and I’ve had processes like this shut down in other therapeutic situations so it was a pleasure to be given full permission  to just let it do its thing. I found the group situation actually normalised what could otherwise be seen as bizarre behaviour- makes it less ‘special’- just the body naturally unwinding itself. Deep gratitude to you both for this work”

Neurogenic Yoga Feedback

“I listen to your meditation recording on my phone every night and it really helps me sleep, many thanks again. I also try to practise the neurogenic yoga each week. You’ve had a very positive influence on my life and, I’m sure, on everyone who has had to privilege to know you. Thanks again,”

“It’s easy to take people for granted and I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you. I never thought I could do any type of exercise, however gentle, again …let alone in a group class.
I’ve told you before but I always see what an amazing teacher you are xxx”

“My husband and I always look forward to our weekly yoga sessions with Jo. She has an intuitive appreciation of which poses and stretches will benefit us the most and we always move more easily and feel more energised after our sessions.”

“I’m actually on a bit of a ‘high’ after your session -I am feeling so positive about absolutely everything!”

‘Love your voice”

“The last session worked miracles so I am looking forward to Tuesday!”

“I love your voice I wish I had a recording”

“ I find your sessions so powerful in the most gentle and calming way and I just wish to express my gratitude for all that you offer us through this beautiful sharing. Thank you. I hope you know your sessions are invaluable,With lots and lots of appreciation”

“I listen to your meditation recording on my phone every night and it really helps me sleep, many thanks again. I also try to practise the neurogenic yoga each week. You’ve had a very positive influence on my life and, I’m sure, on everyone who has had to privilege to know you.
Thanks again”

“Just wanted to thank you for the introduction to neurogenic yoga. I’ve not been in the best mindset lately and just thought that it was worth a try. I can’t believe how even in the first session I found it so therapeutic and a way of releasing such tension and emotional turmoil. I think it will be very beneficial to my wellbeing. Many thanks again.”

“Hi Jo, well as predicted I had to resist the urge to get on the floor and start shaking when I got home yesterday!Thank you so much for leading the workshop with such compassionate warmth and clarity….I feel as though I may have stumbled across something that I’ve been searching for for a very, very long time and yet less than a week ago I’d never heard of it. So much of what you talked about reflected my experiences. Just the feeling that finally (!) I may have a framework to understand and to help others to understand my experiences makes this the best £35 I’ve ever spent and I’ve spent thousands over the years on my quest to ‘heal’.”

“I just wanted to thank you for last week’s session. I absolutely loved it. For weeks I have been having horrid headaches and after my session with you , I had nothing ! Such joy! I teach in a primary school and not having the headaches made a magical difference ! Can’t tell you how grateful I am! I also loved your gentle approach and the music.”

“I had been worried about joining a class, but the minute you started, I felt yes, I’m home, I arrived. Thank you!”

“Your stillness and strength set my week up perfectly.Thanks Jo.”

“I miss seeing you and listening to your wonderful eloquent voice on Tuesdays. Thank you so much for being you, being so generous and kind and passing on your life changing knowledge.”

Mindfulness Meditation MBSR Feedback

“What an enjoyable course.What a great teacher/ guide! I feel that I have been on the most incredible journey – too much to mention. In a nutshell, I have learnt that I am able to not only achieve something but to a level that wasn’t even in my thoughts. I have learnt how to be calm and reflective. I had started this journey some years ago and so this course has helped me where I had stumbled and fine tuned my focus. I hope that I am emerging like a chrysalis to enjoy the world in a more gentle but brighter light”

“Just completed the 21 minute Meditation, I found it excellent Jo, your guidance, your gentleness and your voice.”

I embarked on this course with no expectations, just having an idea of some of the practices that we would be doing. I now know the course was a huge platform to emerge from, to live the rest of my life in a more harmonious, peaceful, strong, honest and mindful way. It really did feel like day one of the rest of my life when it finished. Now whatever comes along to challenge me, is so much easier to deal with. Solid foundations have been laid through the excellent, loving, compassionate course Jo facilitates. The one absolutely essential criteria is to turn up each week, be committed ( even if you might think nothing is happening for you) and trust the process of the whole 8 week course. If we put in the work it’s amazing how transformative it can be. I feel grateful each day that I am more of human “being “ rather than a human “doing” , I just feel I want to share this way of living with everyone . Jo is wonderful gift to us all, thank you” ~ SP

“Jo’s 8 week mindfulness course was a real awakening for me. I loved every minute of our two hour weekly sessions despite my initial doubt that mindfulness and meditation would benefit me as much as it has. Our ‘homework’ was to do a daily practice which was challenging at first, but when I fully committed I was blown away at how it made me feel. I always felt calmer after whichever practice I chose to follow, and more positive about myself and life in general . Although finding the time to do the daily mindfulness was sometimes difficult , without doubt it was 100% worth the effort and really important to keep it up regularly”

“Namaste Barn is a wonderful space with amazing energy, and Jo is such a skilled and positive teacher. The Mindfulness Course was such a revelation .How to be kind to yourself, breathing practices, meditation and so, so much more.The best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve learnt so much.” ~ DR

“Jo’s gentle empathy and creative guidance kept me on track and I am still practicing most days and feel lighter and definitely happier in my life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is curious to try out mindfulness.”

“You are an absolutely amazing woman with your calming influence and the course is totally inspiring and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am enormously grateful to you.”

“Thanks a million for your brilliant tutoring and support. The course has been an absolute life changer and I feel so much less anxious. I know I shall meet you again on another of your courses. It was such a pleasure to meet the other lovely members of the group.”

“Dear Jo, I can’t tell you how much this has been a tremendous support for me and the wonderful thing is you’ve passed on a skill that we now have anytime & anywhere for the rest of our lives! Thank you for your teaching, you have a beautiful teaching ability and you are a very special lady! “

“I found the course completely life changing bringing in so many simple things in everyday life we just don’t spend enough time thinking about. Everyday tasks with a mindfulness process makes a task much more enjoyable. Giving yourself time away from others demands and not feeling guilty about that. The importance of Meditation and Body Scans are calming and stimulating simultaneously. And to believe in yourself and be fantastic. Lots of other positives too like just mindful walking and eating.”

“Dear Jo and fellow mindful friends,
I am so glad that I joined this group for my mindfulness journey, it’s been such a pleasure to meet you all and a privilege to share with you. I have always felt safe and supported within our group. I am grateful to you Jo for leading and guiding us through this journey. You have been a true example to me, I admire you and am inspired by you. I am grateful for the extended support through the weeks of lockdown.”

“It’s so appreciated and I cannot stop being grateful for having met you and also for doing this mindfulness work at this time. The mindfulness and running around Ludwell Valley Park every other day have become the mainstays of my lockdown!”

“Please say a big thank you to the rest of the team … they have all been a real encouragement to me on my mindfulness journey.
I have loved spending time with you all and I do hope that I will be able to join you again in the not too distant future.Thank you sooooo much for your kindness and generosity in supporting us all way beyond the 8 weeks we originally signed up for.”

EFT Feedback

“Within a short time I’ve found EFT to be very beneficial, and am grateful to Jo for both introducing me to the concept and guiding me through my first experiences of it.  I find the whole process to be quite straightforward and that has enabled me to experience increased relaxation for the first time in many years.  I’m pleased to have found something so effective that is so simple”

“After just one EFT session with Jo, my deep seated 50 year old extreme phobia of snakes, is now very much more under control. I am able, after trying many other methods to loose my fear, to be rational and look at a picture of a snake or watch one on television without ‘freaking out’. I find this incredible as do my friends and family. I have yet to have my 2nd session after which I hope to be able to experience looking at snakes dispassionately.”

“I had not recognised just how stressed I had become until other people, mainly colleagues and family pointed it out. I was working hard to cope with a demanding career and an equally demanding personal life…”

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Yoga Retreats Feedback

“I’m feeling TOTALLY refreshed and positive , having had the pleasure of meeting you and your wonderful practice.”

“We both enjoyed the retreat immensely , although getting back to busy London came as a bit of a shock last night !!!”

“Big thanks to yourself and to Jo for a wonderful retreat with unfailing care and attention”

“Firstly thank you so much for your care and attention during the Sharpham weekend retreat. I am so glad to have had this experience as my first ever retreat. I really appreciated your kindness during my stay.”

“The weekend at Sharpham, was lovely! Enormous thank you’s to both you and James for the wonderful teaching and guidance. We both learned lots & enjoyed it greatly.”

“What a wonderful retreat..and so special to experience some very useful and empowering new tools.. “

“Thank you so much for your calm and skilled presence and the slow pace of everything.. just beautiful.”

“I felt your loving energy, Jo… enveloping.”

“Honored to experience you and the retreat lived up to all expectations.”

“I really connected with your slow deep energy.. sometimes when I listen to certain American yoga teachers, I feel the fingernail blackboard effect. and my body goes ‘aargh’. you are the complete opposite..”

“Meeting you has been like a breath of fresh air in my life…..something really positive to hold on to during the more difficult times. I have no problem trusting my gut instinct this time!”

“I truly appreciate your lovely gentle way of teaching, you really are a valued treasure Jo”

Restorative Yoga Feedback

“it helped to quieten my Vata (busy) mind. It worked for better than meditation for me”

“I loved loved feeling supported
and held.”

“I  treasure these moments, you get me into my bubble beautifully.”

“having you  near with a calm mind makes a difference.”