Yoga is for everyone.The Yoga I teach is fitted to the reality of where you are now, both physically and emotionally. So whatever is going on for you today is the perfect day to start. Yoga is not exclusive or painful or impossible, it can be as easy as sitting still and listening to your breath. With regular practice you will experience a gentle unfolding of your mind and body and releasing of tensions.

It is great to be a witness to the progression of my clients and the impact yoga has on their well-being. I teach from complete beginners to intermediate levels of yoga .My classes include breath work (pranayama) yoga nidra (lying guided visualization type meditation) and classical meditation.

I teach Slow Flow Hatha Yoga to small groups and 1:1. I also offer Yoga for friends. So, if you have a group of chums who would like to get together for a relaxing Yoga session in Exeter. I have a wonderful space at both Exeter Natural Health Centre and at the Estuary Clinic to share Yoga with you. Please contact me for details.