I should start with why I went to Jo for help.

I had not recognised just how stressed I had become until other people, mainly colleagues and family pointed it out. I was working hard to cope with a demanding career and an equally demanding personal life.

My ability to prioritise and be productive at work had become very strained. I was also finding it extremely difficult to enjoy quality time with my loved ones without thoughts of work and historical hang-ups affecting my well being. I do not think I knew how to properly relax and deal with matters that have troubled me for many years.

Due to my high anxiety and stress levels this left me constantly restless at night. I was unable to deal with any negativity at work without feeling targeted and any thoughts of frustration or annoyance were amplified so much so that I would still be thinking about it over and over, leading to sleepless nights.

Jo is a very warm person I automatically felt comfortable in her presence. My first experience with the TRE was an eye opener I instantly felt the tension release from my very being, both body and mind.

My experience with the EFT therapy was overwhelmingly successful. Jo helped me to identify so much about myself, and why I was feeling so sad, anxious and stressed. This led to help me look at myself for answers through the therapy, deal with issues that have been left to stagnate and harm my well-being. I had never spent time thinking about just me, only me and what an experience that is just to like yourself for who you are.

Since my therapy with Jo I still do EFT and TRE at home I find it an amazing tool to help me focus and release any tension I am feeling. It also helps me evaluate every day issues and put them into the right perspective. I have never been this relaxed in years, my family and friends have noticed a big difference in my demeanour and the way I deal with life in general. My quality time with my family is so much more enjoyable and uninterrupted by negative thoughts or anxieties. I have taken steps to improve relationships that I never thought would improve and they have.

Part of the therapy for me was to recognise how I am affected by others peoples actions but more than that it’s enabled me to empathise and understand them on a far better level than before.

At work I am able to set aside differences and prioritise affectively leading to me having more to offer in productivity and enjoyment out of my career. I also take the time to think about other people more and come to a better understanding of their own perspectives.

It sounds clichéd but my life has changed. I am healthier and happier! I continue to feel the benefits of my sessions and the training in how to use EFT and TRE.

Thank you Jo!


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